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300 Min Word Essay Native American History

Read these sections in the site:

Treaty of Fort Laramie and Grant’s Peace, 1851-1868

Plains Culture Upended by Warfare, 1863-1871

Reconstruction, 1865-1877

United States Purchase of Alaska

2. Recommend to watch We Shall Remain:”Geronimo”. [(see Transcript that is attached to this forum)


2. How did the Plain Indian Wars of the West start and end? How did they affect the Western Plains Indians? How did the various Euro-American settlements affect Native Americans? What boundaries were created to close the West to American Indians? A boundary is not necessarily geographical. Further reading: Plains Culture Upended by Warfare, 1863-1871 and American Indian Wars and Little Bighorn, Battle of the

Follow up question

For this follow up, you will pick one of the battles or wars listed below. In our library or from the AIE readings, you will research the war and describe the events of the battle. In your follow up—explain who fought, why they fought, and what the end result was. You must use at least one academic source (No Wikipedia)

Battle selected below


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