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About The Book Crucible Explain How Salem In 1692 A Society That Honored God Church And The Bible Fell Apart How It Fell Victim To Pervasive And Aggressive Lying

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Explain how Salem in 1692—a society that honored God, church, and the Bible—fell apart, how it fell victim to pervasive and aggressive lying.

choose five small topic bellow to prove your thesis

  • Children having more power than adults
  • The double standard of justice for rich and poor, for respected and the outcasts
  • A literal rather than interpretive approach to understanding the Bible, morality (good and evil), and the will of God
  • Inability to deal with the realities of life: political strife, economic conflict, social change, human sexuality(falsely linking “sex, sin and the Devil”).
  • Unwillingness to tolerate individual freedom and acts of conscience, along with a demand for obedience to unquestioned authority, which will never admit its weaknesses or failures.
  • Lack of self-awareness, inability to see the paradoxical nature of their lives
  • Failure of good people to take the bad ones seriously, blind obedience to authority
  • Believing that an outward show of faith equates with inner goodness and reliability
  • Fear of argument, contention, opposing points of vire, questioning, and confusion
  • False metaphors for God and righteous souls—purity, whiteness, befouled
  • Threats of and use of torture, threats of execution, demands for confessions

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