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Enterprise Risk Management 44

In Chapter 6, LEGO group had, initially, difficultiesin implementing an effective ERM strategy because they focused onoperational risks at the unit level and did not consider the same at theenterprise level or global level. How can you align enterprise-wide ERMstrategy with local and unit requirements and priorities?

Question 1: Asindicated above, describe how enterprise-wide ERM strategy can bealigned with local and unit requirements and priorities?


– 400 words

NOTE: These discussions should be informal discussions, NOTresearch papers. If you MUST directly quote a resource, then cite it properlyin APA formatting.

– Strictly No plagiarism

Question 2: Select AT LEAST 2 otherstudents’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads, evaluatingthe pros and cons of that student’s post. Your comments should extend the conversationstarted with the thread.

I will share the posts soon.

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