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Module 4 Case Assignment
For this assignment, you will compare/contrast the two articles onplagiarism written by Nelms (2015) and Goldsmith (2011). You mayeither look at the similarities that the two articles hold to be true withrespect to their subject matter, the differences, or both. Your essayshould be double-spaced, should include specific references and
citations to both articles, and needs to be roughly 2-3 typed pages(not including the cover and references pages). Make sure you set themargins at 1-inch all around.
Nelms, G. (2015, July). Why plagiarism doesn’t bother me at all: Aresearch-based overview of plagiarism as educational opportunity.[Web log post]. Teaching & learning in higher ed. Retrieved from…
Goldsmith, K. (2011, September). It’s not plagiarism. In the digital age,it’s ‘repurposing.’ The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from…
There are several components (1-3 listed below) to include with yourfinal paper to demonstrate that all the stages of the writing process,which have been covered in this course, have been met at one of the following levels: Excellent, Good, Average, or Poor:
1. A graphic organizer that demonstrates your brainstorming
activities, (see

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