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Nur4244 Quality And Safety Education For Nurses

Core Clinical Objective

  • Provide evidence-based, patient-centered care incorporating data from healthcare technologies to improve client care, as part of the interdisciplinary health care team.

Activity Statements

  • Collaborate to develop an intervention plan that takes into account determinants of health, available resources, and the range of activities that contribute to health.
  • Use evidence-based practice strategies and available community resources to design client/community care.
  • Identify data from healthcare technologies to support community and public health.

Reflective Questions

  • Detail a comprehensive plan of care for the clients you served during your practicum experience that included:
    • What referrals to other human service and social support agencies did you provide to clients?
    • Why did you select these agencies?
    • What specifically could these agencies add to the holistic care of the client?
    • How might you include this agency’s services in your comprehensive plan of care if you were discharging a patient from a hospital to the community?
  • How does your particular practicum program utilize surveillance data and databases?
    • How did nursing contribute to or utilize these databases?


Please review the grading rubric before beginning your reflection on the above core clinical objective. Make sure to answer the reflective questions thoroughly with substantial reference to your practicum experience.

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