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Nursing Informatic Powerpoint Paper

  • Execute an Internet search for a slide presentation that may have been used to teach nursing content in the academic or clinical setting. Review the presentation and analyze slides for the following.
    • Is text readable?
      • Background color shows text to best advantage?
      • Font used is readable?
    • Content is enhanced or lost with the slides?
    • Does the presenter use the visuals as a partner?
      • Do slides upstage the presenter?
      • Do slides and message match?
      • Do slides make the presentation easy or difficult to follow?
      • Do images add to the message or distract?
    • How could you use the slides as handouts that would aid your understanding a month from now?
  • Compare the differences between lecture support and lecture replacement slide models. Identify best practice design techniques for each model.
  • Identify one or two new presentation skills you would like to master. Be prepared to share a 4 to 5 slide presentation that uses multimedia and employs these new skills and explain to the class what slideshow software you used. Summarize what lessons you have learned.
  • Reflect on scholarly papers you have written for your Nursing program. Discuss how manuscripts for peer-reviewed nursing journals differ from papers submitted for your program.

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