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Answer The Following Questions Paraphrased No Citation

1. What factors led to the Latin American revolutions? What major challenges faced the new nations of the Western Hemisphere?

2.. Discuss the connection between the women’s rights movement the abolition of slavery in America?

3. What were the causes of the Crimean War and how did warfare change ?

4.What are the differences between British involvement in Africa and in India during this period, and how would you explain those differences?
5. How did British policy in India change as a result of the Sepoy Rebellion?

6.Define the concept of Nationalism? What was significant about the unification of Germany and Italy?

7. What were the causes and consequences of the Meiji Restoration?

8. Describe the origins and the aims of the labor movement and socialism in the late nineteenth century?

9. How did the practice of the “New Imperialism” vary in Africa and in Asia?

10. What led to the outbreak of World War I ( 1914) not U. S. entry into the conflict

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