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Asia Paper

7 pages double space MLA

You must reference at least Four academic sources from outside the course in constructing your paper, and you are expected to rely primarily on these sources.

I have found some sources for you , you can use it.

Topic is Hong Kong protest

Discussing recent events in Hong Kong, regardless of politics, is simply condemning the protesters’ actions.

The first part should be a brief introduction to what happened and the behavior of those protesters. The second part writes about the negative impacts of this incident on Hong Kong’s economic market, people’s lives, children’s education, transportation, living environment and so on. And condemned the bad protest behavior of the protesters.

The third part talked about how to correctly express their ideas to the social government world, and gave some suggestions to the excessive protesters.

The fourth part was to hope that the government and society and the world would reflect on it.

The last part is the conclusion.

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