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Comparing Amp Contrasting Literary Genres

Comparing & Contrasting Literary Genres

After reading the conference, in the links below this task, please name, compare the two main literary genres identified.



  1. First genre: (Enlaces a un sitio externo.)
  2. Second genre: (Enlaces a un sitio externo.)

After analyzing the above literary pieces, you must submit a paragraph in which you:

  1. Write an introductory sentence classifying each one.
  2. Support your introductory sentence with, at least, 2 arguments.
  3. Compare both (focus on similarities). You must name 1.
  4. Contrast both (focus on differences). You must name 1.
  5. Include a concluding sentence which states your opinion about both genres.
  • Submit a 5-sentence paragraph, including one sentence for each section.
  • Your paragraph must be submitted in Word format, using Times New Roman 12.

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