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Contemporary Issues Correction Written Assignment 3


Working with Involuntary Clients, Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6

Answer the following:

  1. Determine if a probation officer can have an impact to bring about
    change in an offender.
  2. If so, what should the probation officer do to be effective? If not, why?

3. In this assignment, discuss the Saint Leo core value of respect in your response.


Respect: Animated in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we value all individuals’ uniquetalents, respect their dignity and strive to foster their commitment toexcellence in our work. Our community’s strength depends on the unity anddiversity of our people, on the free exchange of ideas, and on learning,living, and working harmoniously.

The paper must be in APA format and include a title page, abstract, discussion, conclusion, and references. Your paper should go beyond the obvious and must be at least 1,200 words in length. You must use at least three resources to support your position. Remember, all resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazines, and/or books must be properly cited using APA style. APA has a new edition. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (2020). 7th Edition, Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association. I have attached the chapters and the books for cite and reference.


MacKenzie, D. L. (2006). What works in corrections: Reducing the criminal activities of offenders and delinquents. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 978-0-521-00120-5

Trotter, C. (2015). Working with involuntary clients: a guide to practice (3rd Ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Corwin Press. ISBN: 978-0-415-71565-2

American Psychological Association. (2019). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). Washington, DC: Author. ISBN-13: 978-1-4338-3216-1.

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