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How Do Stress Affect Workplace Performance

Stress as a component to workplace performance.

The CEO of PRU is a confessed workaholic. In a recent HR interview with Chinn, he lays outs his personal conflict of demanding employees to work long hours as he does. He also is conflicted with the need to be open for business all the time due to its international markets. He is aware that his own Chinese cultural heritage influences his work practices. In China, the issue of personal time is not a concern. Workers do what is expected of them. Chinn knows this is not true in many western companies and especially in the southern states of America. As the newest set of management employees, President Daniel Chinn wants you to examine this issue and make recommendations on how to deal with the conflicting cultural expectations. What demands should PRU place upon its employees?

Stress at the workplace is a constant problem especially since technology has placed the worker in a 24/7 work environment. Use the articles and references below to address this specifically for the circumstances of Pigs R Us (see profile).

  • Create a single 2 page report for President Chinn on the topic of family life in the new modern workplace.
  • Discuss the challenges faced by global business demands on employee time and workload.
  • Discuss potential cultural conflicts that PRU faces with the attitudes of workers on the subject of work/life balance.
  • How will the new face of networking, contingency workers and telework play into the conversation of work/life balance?
  • Offer at least three recommendations as to how job performance and commitment can be maximized for PRU. Demonstrate an understanding of the affects of stress upon performance and commitment.
  • must use course references below and APA in-text citations with a reference list.


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