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It 200 Human Computer Interaction

After reading the Human-Computer Interaction article in the Shapiro Library, you should have a better understanding of why the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) exists, the advancements that have been made, and the impact it has on individuals.

In this discussion, you will be viewing videos that emphasize the importance of human-computer interaction. The first video features modern teenagers struggling with a common technology interaction from the twentieth century: dialing on a rotary telephone. In the second video, Steve Jobs unveils the original iPhone and describes how its versatile touchscreen differs from other common interfaces at the time. The third video, from 2017, shows a newer and increasingly common human-computer interaction: the touchscreen ordering kiosk.

While viewing these videos, consider how the people interact with the technology they are using. What interface elements are demonstrated in each video? How do these interfaces improve or hinder their ability to interact with technology and accomplish their goals?

  • Video: 17 Year Olds Dial a Rotary Phone
  • Video: Apple Keynote 2007 Complete – iPhone (Watch the first 14 minutes of this video.)
  • Video: McDonald’s Bukit Bintang Self-Service Kiosk Review

In your initial post, discuss how a particular human-computer interface might impact a person’s satisfaction with and ability to use technology. Then, describe another example of a technology product and the human-computer interface you use to interact with that product, such as a wearable device or a self-service checkout machine. In your post, discuss the positives and negatives of the experience, with a focus on how HCI elements allow you to interact with the technology. Finally, describe how interacting with that technology compares to the way you were accustomed to doing that task before.

In your responses to your peers, identify ways you could change the negative human-computer interaction elements mentioned in their post for a more positive experience.



I play video games whenever I have free time as I have for the last 30 years, so you could say I have been interfacing with a computer since before I could read. The video game controller has a very real impact on the comfort of the person playing the game and has evolved from being basic square shapes that were not the most comfortable to hold to something that is completely ergonomic. Video game HCIs are many and as varied as anyone could ever imagine, from one hand controllers to VR headsets to haptic vest and headphones, steering wheels to airplanes control sticks, any manner of items that look like gun or swords. These all add to the immersion of the experience you want to have. One of my favorites is to use one of VR headsets to watch movies, you can view movie anywhere from the beach to the Moon. When playing PC games, I use some specially customized HCIs, to the point that when I must play games without them and can only use a basic keyboard and mouse, I must relearn to play the game. this is a real negative and has caused me too no longer play games on my laptop. Over the years, there has been new paraphernalia in which to interface with my games, adapting to new HCIs is what I have become accustomed to do.

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