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Mba 7730 Simulation Of Business Analysis Queuing System Db Power Point

In a webcam or screencast using a PowerPoint of no longer than 15 minutes (max 5-6 slides) in duration, present an example of a waiting line process with which you are familiar where the queuing system concepts you are exploring this week could potentially improve the rigor and quality of the decision-making process. You will be expected to select a situation for which a waiting line system is applicable. Your posting will be expected to address each of the following items, at a minimum:

Slide 1 – Cover slide

Slide 2

  • Describe the system and its components (entities, attributes, activities, events and state variables) using a table (follow Table 1.1 in your textbooks as an example).

Slide 3

  • Use a queuing system diagram to identify the number of servers, number of phases, etc. for your selected process as a visual (see file Queuing Models – Layout and Design Changes.pdfPreview the document).
  • Describe the type of queueing system model that you believe would be appropriate using Kendall’s notation (e.g., G/G/c/N/K, M/G/c/N/K, or M/M/c/N/K), including describing the calling population, system capacity, arrival process, queue behavior and discipline, and service times and mechanism to model the process.

Slide 4

  • Describe in detail the data that would be necessary to model the system using proposed queueing system techniques.
  • Describe a data collection plan needed to gather the necessary data for a model. You will use this data collection plan in week 4 to collect data for defining the distribution of your proposed model’s inputs.

Slide 5

  • Describe how you envision the proposed queueing system technique could potentially improve the decision-making process.
  • Describe in detail any potential challenges or impediments that you foresee in using the proposed queueing system technique in the described situation.


  • chapter 6 – Discrete Events Simulation – 5ed , author: Jerry Banks; Publisher: Pearson

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