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Network Security And Virtual Networks

research network performance, security, and virtualization.

Based on your research and understanding, respond to the following:

  • The two critical aspects of network management are performance and security. Some of the technical issues involved in managing performance include congestion control, traffic management, and error control. With respect to security, the concerns fall in two categories—passive and active threats. For each of these considerations (performance and security), select one technical solution that can be implemented to alleviate or prevent a performance problem and one technical solution that can be used to alleviate or prevent a security threat. Be specific about the problem and solution in each case.

Virtualization has become a key player in our networking world these days. Another important term is the virtual private network (VPN). Are the two terms (virtualization and VPN) related? Discuss and give examples. Do you have any security concerns for using virtual networks? Why?

Use APA format and cite references

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