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Performance Management Information Systems

Task 1: What is the difference between sustaining and disruptive technology? How do they relate to the concept of electronic business value? (1 Page, 4 References)

Task 2: (1 Page, 4 References)

Explain the below concepts and apply the outcomes/concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. Provide a summary of the organizations strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.

Concepts: E-Business & E-Business Components/E-Commerce & Types of E-Commerce/E-Commerce Trends/Important Legal Issues for E-Commerce/Ethical Issues & Security and Privacy)

Task 3: Scenario/Case Study (1 – 1.5 Page, 4 references)

You have worked as a sales representative for the last three years, and your boss has just quit. You have been asked to take over as manager of your region, and you are going to accept for two reasons. First, you would like to move up and try something different and more challenging. Second, you have been very disappointed with the way your prior manager ran your sales group. He was not a good people manager and he did very little to motivate the sales representatives. More specifically, he let the low performers slide by, while the top performers (which you feel you are) did not seem to be recognized for their contributions. The situation was not horrible; he was not abusive or hostile in any way. But you know the group has some talented people and could do much better—if only they had a motivational spark. So how would you proceed in this situation? Where would you start? What types of things would you do to enhance motivation? What would be the biggest obstacles to getting this group energized? Would there be any predictable traps to avoid?

Provide your explanations and definitions in detail and be precise. Comment on your findings.

Task 4: Explain the below concepts and select an article which demonstrates the below topics with industry example. (1 Page, 4 References)

Topics: Dealing with the Unmotivated Person/Motivating in an Economic Downturn/Motivating People in a Foreign Country/Enriching the Boring Job/McClelland’s Learned Needs/Examples of Behavior Modification in the Real World/The Effect of Reinforcers on Employee Performance Improvement)

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