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Research Paper You Can Write The Paper For Instance On A Person Napoleon Event Armenian Genocide Or Set Of People The Ottomans No Broad Topic Like The First World War Or Second World War 1

You can write the paper( for instance) on a person ( Napoleon ) ,event( Armenian Genocide )or set of people, , ( The Ottomans) no broadtopic like the First World War . or Second World War …

The research paper is of your choice as long as it covers the period that is being cover in the course. The paper will be 10 pages in length, double spaced, using 12 point font, submitted online.This should be similar to any paper you would write for other classes –including a title page, an introduction, body of text, a conclusion,and references/bibliography. APA or MLA format is acceptable.

When writing this research paper, you should attempt to address the following questions: Comprehensive introduction ( includes who, what, where , and when) with clear thesis statement that answers the question.

  • Why is this person or event important in Modern World History?
  • Does this individual or event represent an aspect that helped shape Modern World History?
  • Would Modern World History be different if not for the actions ofthis person or the occurrence of the events? (ensure you have a solidconclusion).
  • Students should not use the encyclopedia or the course text book as theprimary source of research. Also keep in mind when writing the researchpaper ,You should not rely solely on the internet for informationeither; students may use certain web page links such as, The History Channel or to reinforce the research paper.

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