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The Study Population You Selected For Your Project Study Population Is Defined Based On Your Research Topic And A Rationale For The Chosen Population

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:

  • Your research question(s), incorporating any feedback you received from your Instructor to revise your research questions (state your research question(s) as“differences in (outcome variable) by (main independent variable) among (studypopulation/setting/year)” or you can say “ associations between (outcome)and(main independent variable) among).
  • The study population you selected for your project (study population is defined based on your research topic) and a rationale for the chosen population.
  • Include a list of variables (dependent, independent, confounding, etc) from your selected data set, that you will be using to answer your research question(s).
  • Include a rationale for why you think those variables are enough for answering your research question.
  • If you are planning on selecting a sample from your selected dataset, indicate the sample size and the method for calculating the sample size, including your power calculations. If you are not selecting a sample from your dataset, explain the rationale for that decision.
  • Include SPSS output(s) to support your calculation(s)/result(s).

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