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I enjoyed reading your post! I found your comment about humans beings being stewards of God because God gives life, to be very interesting. I had never thought about life in that way. Thinking in those terms really switches the focus from “me” to what can I do to please God, in other words, what I am here for and how can I leave the world a better place? Thank you for that. I also agree with your statement at the end of your post that all of these issues, specifically stem cell research have positive and negative elements. I was not very familiar with stem cell research and took this as an opportunity to do a bit of research. To me, it seems very wrong that IVF embryos that are “not needed” are given to research. Something about that does not sit well with me. It is a very delicate and complicated subject, because as you said much good can come from research as well. I found the link below to be very informative. Thank you for your post!

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