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Van Gogh Drawings And Durer And Sargent Watercolors Discussion

Van Gogh Drawings and Durer and Sargent watercolors Discussion

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Post your discussion by the due date and time and then respond to two others with whether you agree or disagree with them by the end of day.

part I

Closely examine the two drawings by Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Which drawing is better at showing the roundness of the subject’s limbs or body?
  • Which better expresses the subject’s physical weight?
  • What techniques did the artist use to achieve these?

Images are side by side in the powerpoint and pdf attached.

Part II

Watercolor can be used for both quick sketches and highly detailed studies.One of the best known of the latter is Albrecht Durer’s Large Piece of Turf from 1503.Compare the style of work with that of John Singer Sargent’s watercolor Rio de Santa Maria Formosa.Think about all the elements and principles of design we have recently studied and how they are each using them- the same way or differently.Images are side by side in the powerpoint and pdf attached.

VanGogh.Durer.Sargent.pptxPreview the document

VanGogh.Durer.Sargent.pdfPreview the document

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