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Assignment 1928

Review one set of the videos, respond to the following questions in 1–2 sentences.

  1. How do you think the new and old versions represent different aspects of their societies/times? What are the similarities and differences?
  2. How does each version reflect the culture and time period in which they exist?
  3. After considering the examples presented, think about the artifact that you chose for Project 1. Pose one question regarding the relationship between human culture and expression in relation to your artifact. In one sentence, explain one approach you may take to find the response to the question posed.

Set 1: Emma vs. Clueless
Jane Austen’s novel Emma dates from the early 1800s and explores the adventures of a young woman of means who serves as a matchmaker for her friends, but has poor luck herself in finding a mate. Compare the expression of this story in the two films for which the trailers are presented here. The film Emma follows Austen’s novel closely, while Clueless provides a modern spin on the 200-year-old story.

Emma (1996) Official Trailer (1:52)- Caption Video: link HUM-100 Emma 1996 Official Trailer (CC).
Clueless Trailer (2:32)- Caption Video: link HUM-100 Clueless Trailer (CC).

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