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Bdm320 Term Paper

Hi, there are two jobs I’m interested in.

  1. One is a sports manager, working in a company like CAA, Creative Artists Agency. Second job is become a producer, doing some interview type of documentary.

3. Sports manager, an employee. Producer, self employee.

4. Rob Pelinka. He was Kobe’s agent and became Lakers GM. Producer I don’t know.

6. I will have an internship in NBA HQ this summer in New York. NBA Draft and summer league.

Production wise, I do have a studio with my friend, we are currently doing LA lifestyle Vlog, basketball highlight mixtape, and NBA player interview and documentary.

9. I grew up as a die hard laker fan, that is also why I came to LA for college. Basketball is always sth I have passion for. I understand not everyone who loves the game of basketball that could become a NBA player, but I still want to do share the love and passion of basketball.

Please follow the request and use the information I provide and finish this task. It’s gonna be one job for the first couple of pages and rest for the second job.

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