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Capstone Task 2

Task 2

Part 1: Personal Project Submission

Write Your Story*

Write your story. Your story can be in the form of a storyboard, a presentation, or an essay. Your story can provide an excellent first impression during an interview. Often this is the key factor that hooks a potential employer in the first few minutes of your interview.

                            1. The story should tell who you are and what you are passionate about.
                            2. The story should have the following parts:
                            • The “Beginning” – where you came from especially if it is an interesting part of your experience. This might include growing up abroad, living in different places, growing up in a rural or urban area that had an influence on you, where you went to graduate school, etc.
                            • Your “Spark” or passion – what got you started in your given field. Was it a special project, a mentor, an internship, an experience? What is it about your discipline that lights a passion in you? What did you learn from it or how did it impact you?
                            • Your Growing Interest – tell the story of how sequential events in your life let you to your current field of interest. This might include internships, special mentoring opportunities, interviews with leaders in the field, authentic projects, work experiences, or volunteer experiences. Be sure they say enough without going into every detail. Mention something they you particularly liked about the experience, something you learned, and something where you found you could use improvement.
                            • Your Future – what you want to do now, why this is important, and what you feel you bring that is of value to a company.

*Need help getting started? Watch Telling Your Story on or watch a Ted Talk about how others have told their story.

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