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Case Study New Testament

A case study is an open-ended learning activity (i.e., a problem is presented that precipitates discussion) in which the participant must enter into the character of someone in a real-life situation and then reflect on what he/she would do in that situation. Read the Case Study (in the “Course Guides and Assignment Instructions” folder) and then compose a thread of at least 400 words expressing how you would respond to the given situation. Be sure to interact with all assigned materials from Module 1, including textbooks, presentations, and videos, regarding the importance of studying the New Testament for its proper understanding and interpretation. Be sure to document any ideas not your own or “common knowledge” (including your textbooks, videos, and presentations) using parenthetical citations and bibliography. Popular sources and Internet sources are not allowed.

Here’s a video link that can be used a source.×285/playerSkin/39959781/&course_id=_562757_1&content_id=_36342049_1

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