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Electrical Engineering Components

Engineering may be one of the oldest professions know to humans. From the beginning, humans were lookingto solve problems and improve the world around us.You will write on the topic listed below and research the history, relevant theory, prior applications,applications today, and future projections for the topic. Be as specific as you can and be sure to have at least 5credible references listed in APA format.

Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory(EPROM)

Your paper should have five parts:• History• Who is given credit for inventing the device?• What problem were they trying to solve?• Relevant Theory• What are some of the laws of science and physics that are involved in the device or law?• Prior Applications• What are some applications where the device has historically been used?• Current Applications• What are some applications where the device is used now?• Future Projections• What future changes are coming for the device?• Is utilization of the device increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant?

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