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Oral Reponse

Once during the semester, each student will have to get up on their “soapbox” and do a 2-minute

oral response to anything whatsoever. This is an oral assignment only—students do not need to turn

anything in. During their Soapbox, students need to make at least one opinionated point in their 2 minutes

of talking time. While it is fine for these responses to be passionate, personal, and somewhat improvised, it

helps to at least mentally rehearse what you are going to say in advance because 2 minutes is not very long!

Students are welcome to write out and read their response if they prefer. After a student offers their soapbox

response, they will field their own questions and comments from the class, time permitting. We will

schedule all Soapbox Responses at the beginning of the semester, so students know well in advance when

they will be carrying out this assignment. (We will go in reverse alphabetical order.) You will be scored

out of 10 pts.

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