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Population Effect

Refer to the population clock and take note of the increase of our population per day and per year. Think about how our lifestyle patterns, consumption of goods, and regions that we inhabit affect the environment. The relationship between our increase of population and degradation may seem to be direct and forthright, but there are many intricacies. Choose one area of environmental health that you would like to consider how the population increase impacts directly. You will submit a two-page paper that introduces the topic of your interest and the human issues surrounding it. The paper must be double spaced. An example of a topic and one that I considered before having children is the amount of diapers thrown into our landfills each day. This increases with population increase. The negative issues (besides the most apparent of waste) is the substances in fecal matter that are now put into landfills and the chemicals in the diapers themselves. An alternative would be cloth diapers.

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