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Should All Public Schools Require A Standard School Uniform

Should all public schools require a standard school uniform?

In this assignment, you will show that you are achieving important learning outcomes:

  1. Interpret information through close and critical reading.
  2. Demonstrate effective use of the writing process.
  3. Employ effective academic tone, style, mechanics, and citation method.
  4. Integrate relevant source material effectively and ethically.
  5. Support a position appropriate to the rhetorical situation.

Youwill submit a formal, alphanumeric, full-sentence outline formatted inproper APA style. The outline must organize your argument into anintroduction, conclusion, and at least five body sections (approximately550 words or more). The introduction section must include a workingthesis statement, which is an arguable response to your researchquestion. Each body section should contain a topic sentence andsubordinate claims and evidence from at least five credible andscholarly sources. Paraphrases, summaries, and quotes must be citedaccurately and used with integrity. This assignment requires a titlepage and a reference list.

If you have any questions about therequirements of this assignment, please contact your instructor rightaway. Your assignment may lose its formatting when it is converted inthe Waypoint grading system. To preserve formatting, please submit yourassignment as a PDF file

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