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What Is Organizational Growth And Why Would An Organization Pursue Growth Strategies 3

read the instructions below and write full 5 pages double spaced (not including title and references pages)

use in text citations and do not plagiarise!

Explain concept of organizational growth or how organizations expand

Organizations may expand through internal or external means. Explain with examples how it happens.

Ansoff matrix is used as a guide to explain organizational expansion. How is market penetration, product development, market development different from diversification?

Explain 10 motives for organizational growth

what does it mean when an organization expands internally or how does it happen? For example when a hotel builds a travel agency it can be considered forward integration which to me is by internal growth because it has done so by itself but my explanation is shallow.

Can firms achieve diversification( related or unrelated through internal growth) which I see can happen but my explanation is shallow

Explanation about ansoff matrix with real life examples.

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