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2 2 Journal Operating System Shell Commands

Write a journal Assignment that will prepare you to conduct the organizational profile needed for your final project. In this lab, you will also apply the operating system concepts you read about in the course textbook to the real world.

Windows, Linux, and OS X provide command line utilities that display system architecture information as well as how the operating system is configured to interface with hardware. The goal of this lab is to leverage the operating system on the computer you are using for this course to report on its architecture.

Execute the command below in the command promt (cmd) of your operating system.

Windows: Execute the command: systeminfo

Review the output from the command above and, in your journal, describe the type of processor(s), number of cores, amount of memory, and any particular information you find interesting. For example, Windows displays the installation date and when the system was last booted.

In your journal, explain at least one system call from the course textbook that the operating system executed in order to create the output you reviewed.

For additional details, please refer to the Module Two Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

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