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3 3 Case Analysis 1 When Mro Practices Fail

For this first Case Analysis assignment, first review the guidelines linked below:

After reviewing the guidelines, read the information below on FAA fines for maintenance at the following links:

  • Press Release – FAA Seeks $12 million Civil Penalty Against Southwest Airlines/FAA (Links to an external site.)
  • FAA Fines Show the Extent of Maintenance Violations (Links to an external site.) (External HTML link)

Then conduct further research to find any additional information on the Southwest maintenance issue. Address these questions in your analysis:

  • What do you believe is the root of the problem?
  • Is the primary problem Southwest’s lack of internal oversight to maintenance processes or the FAA not being proactive in preventing or stopping these issues?
  • Why did the FAA take so long to levy the fines?
  • Where does quality assurance and quality control factor into these issues?

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