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Asian American History Questions

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Hello, please answer the following prompts. There are two parts.

Part 1. Write a 1-3 sentence response to each prompt.

  1. What role did Chinese workers play in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad?
  2. How is the history of Chinese Exclusion relevant to today?
  3. How is the history of Korean immigration part of the history of colonialism?
  4. In the Korean dry cleaners’ case study, why did Korean dry cleaner’s mobilize? What did they achieve in this mobilization?
  5. Why did the Filipino American community of Stockton form?
  6. How is the history of South Asian Americans part of the history of colonialism?
  7. Describe the Desi Community of Silicon Valley.
  8. Describe the two waves of Vietnamese refugee immigration.
  9. How did the Vietnamese community respond to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey?
  10. What is the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District?

Part 2. Long Answer (write a one page double spaced essay on each of these two topics)

  1. How is the formation of Asian American communities part of a history of exclusion as well as part of a history of resilience?
  2. What is API Environmentalism? How was the SFSU Climate Justice Rally reflective of API Environmentalism principles?

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