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Comm211 Social Media And Society

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The CourseObjective we directly address through our discussion is, “Explain waysthat social media can impact civic engagement, considering the ways it canengender intercultural communication.” Our text said it well: “Unlessor until politics moves completely online, civic engagement still requireslogging off. In the Obama moment, African American youth were part of both realand digital change.” (p.231) Social media have been used to promote a hostof causes such as famine, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, and other naturaldisaster relief, support for political candidates or social causes, andneighborhood watch programs. There are those using social media to encouragesupport for ALS Research, breast cancer research, or ebola treatment andprevention. Do some research, looking for important ways social media has beenused for good to promote a cause, encourage civic participation, or mobilizehelp. Describe that scenario, explain what the need was, share the social mediaresources that were used, and tell us how it fulfilled our objective today.Once you have fully informed us about the tools that were used to achieve thegoals, please explain what might have been done better.

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