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Eniglish Expository Writing

Assignment Objectives -write 3 pages or more.

  • In a short paragraph, summarize the most important points about growth mindset in Carol Dweck’s TED Talk, The Power of Believing You Can Improve.
  • In a second paragraph, using examples from your own experience and concepts from Dweck’s talk, explain whether or not you were raised/educated to have a growth mindset and how that mindset has impacted your education or work as an adult. In the concluding sentences, explain whether or not Dweck’s ideas have affected how you think about learning now.
  • Cite the Dweck talk and (any other sources if applicable) in–text and on the References page using APA format. Details below.

Please watch this short (3.5 minute) YouTube video about what’s involved in writing a summary for an academic audience.

Take notes while you watch the video. Watch it more than once if you need to in order to catch all the main points.

  • At the top of the page, include a list of the 3-5 most important points in Dweck’s talk.
  • Below that list, write a draft of your summary paragraph.
  • Carefully follow the summary assignment instructions.

Please do not forget to include your name, the date, and the course name in a heading at the top of the page. (No title page, please.) write

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