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Frameworks For Leading The Process Of Organizational Change

I want each of you to complete toolkit exercises 2.1 and 2.2Preview the document in your textbook.

You are expected to submit the completed toolkit exercises as a formal assignment to this assignment dropbox.

For Toolkit Exercise 2.1 questions 1 through 2, please review the following file: Chapter 2 Toolkit Exercises Case Study Reading.pdfPreview the document

For Toolkit Exercise 2.1 question 3, please review this video: KOTTER’S 8 STEP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MODEL FC (Links to an external site.)KOTTER'S 8 STEP ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MODEL   FC
To complete Toolkit Exercise 2.2, you will need to interview someone. Record your responses to the Part 1 and Part 2 questions on a word processor file and upload it to this assignment dropbox.z

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