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Marketing Case Study 22


– At least 4 pages no more than 5

– Cover page (Name, date, name of course, case study name)

– For your case study paper, include the following components in your finalized submittal in the following order and use them as Section Headings (USING BOLD TYPE) for formatting your submittal. (Use the italicized terms below as your section headings). Then write your paper in complete sentences in third person voice using a narrative writing style.

– Content Pages (2-3 pages: a minimum of 750 words but no more than 1000 words of content).

  1. Provide an Executive Summary of the case by summarizing the case itself. Must be clear and concise and be at least one paragraph. NOTE: This will be the last section written when preparing your case study.
  2. Identify the Statement of Immediate (obvious) Problem (s) (your company’s issues) including the root cause of the immediate problem, and the secondary problem(s) that may not be solved when immediate problem is solved.
  3. Describe your company’s Situation (SWOT) Analysis by explaining at least three items for each element
    1. a) Strengths (internal with company control)
    2. b) Weaknesses (internal with company control)
    3. c) Opportunities (external with no company control)
    4. d) Threats (external with no company control)

4. Explained your ethics decisions based on the attached Ethics Decision making metric on page 131 of the text book.

  1. Provide an Action Plan for this case including how to prevent a future similar occurrence. Must include what should be done by whom, why it should be done and how it should be done. Should include a contingency plan should problems arise.
  2. Grammar

– Endnotes (one separate page): Minimum of three but no more than 5 quality endnotes.

– In the Content Section, place an Arabic numeral by the information to be cited. Repeat the number on the Endnotes Page. Identify from which entry in your bibliography you obtained the data. Include the page number(s) of the reference.

– Internet: Supply URL address including all appropriate extensions.

– Do not insert endnotes in the body of your content. Only the endnote number.

  •  Document MUST be left justified in a portrait format.
  •  Black (no other color!) 12 point Times New Roman or Arial typeface only.
  •  No background color on any page is acceptable.
  •  Write in third person voice (he, she, it, the company, etc.) only. Do not use first person (I, we, and us) or second person (you, them) voice.
  •  Your content MUST be broken into paragraphs. The first line of all paragraphs should be indented. Whole blocks of type are not acceptable.
  •  Numbers 10 or larger, type the number. Less than 10, type the word (one, two, etc.)
  •  One point penalty for each word over 1000 or under the minimum of 750 words.
  •  Financial figures are to be written as $50 (not fifty dollars); $1,500 (not one thousand, five hundred dollars); $1M (not one million dollars); $3.2B (not three billion, two hundred million dollars).
  •  Never end your sentence with a preposition like ‘to, from, by, with, between, before, after or during’. (E.g. The company could not have anticipated where the threat came from.)
  •  Always use italics for the name of a source (magazine, book or newspaper title) e.g. Wall St. Journal.
  •  NEVER use the words ‘sticking’ (instead use ‘placing’ or ‘inserting’ the product into the market); ‘everyone’ (no product appeals to/or is used by everyone-ever!), ‘stocks’ (it is ‘stock’) or ‘came up with’ (use ‘developed’).
  •  Always include page numbers on the bottom right corner of each page.
  •  Text MUST be double spaced. A 5 point penalty per page not double spaced.

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