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Muc202 Concert Report

  • Date of concert
  • Name of ensemble/s performing
  • 2 pages of written content, double spaced
  • Academic English, with proper grammar.

Please write about:

  1. The type of ensemble(s) you listened to.
  2. The numbers and types of instruments or voices used
  3. Audience etiquette – did people enter and exit during the performance? When did people clap? Did they scream or cheer on the performers or were they quiet?
  4. Performance style: Describe anything you noticed about the way the performers played/sang the music. Please use musical terminology such as: dynamics, tempo, texture, rhythm, and articulation. For example, was the playing legato or staccato or both? Was the texture polyphonic or homophonic or a mixture of both? What types of rhythms did they perform, etc.?
  5. Which song/s did you enjoy the most? Why? (Please use musical terminology in your answers)
  6. Which song/s did you enjoy the least? Why?
  7. Did you have a favorite group or soloist?

Additional Instructions:

  • Include the photo of the program and your selfie in the Word document. You can copy and paste in right into the Word doc.
  • Reports must use STANDARD ACADEMIC ENGLISH and follow all grammatical rules.
  • Typos, grammar errors or the use of slang will result in less points earned.
  • Please turn your report in earlier if possible. Reports turned in late will receive a reduction in points or may not be accepted.

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