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Need Help With An Assignment About Data Modeling 1

For this Assignment, you will return to your role as an intern at Nutri Mondo, an organization that uses data science to address issues related to food insecurities and other food-related issues. Read the message from the director of Nutri Mondo, Susana Maciel, to set the context for your assignment:



Thank you for keeping me up to date on how the data understanding and data preparation phases were going. I am assuming that I will get to see some visualizations soon on the effects of food insecurity. Please let me know how they evaluate the models they are building. It will help me understand some of the models that they ultimately go with.

Also, I know that this data set is from the U.S. government. We work with several communities across Latin America and South America regarding food insecurity and other similar issues. I would be curious to know if you would like to find a data set related to an issue that affects your community. Of course, if you have other interests, I would like to know what challenges you would like to solve with data science. Later on, you can send me any data visualizations that you find interesting.

Looking forward to your reports,


Susana Maciel
Nutri Mondo

To prepare for this assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Then write a report to your director about data modeling and how to evaluate models. Your report must answer the following:

  • What is the purpose of data modeling and what does it accomplish?
  • Why does modeling come after data scientists understand and prepare their data?
  • How does a data scientist ensure that modeling responds to the original business understanding?
  • What were the processes that the data science team at Nutri Mondo is using to evaluate the models they created?

Your report should be 8–10 paragraphs in length.


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