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Presentation Software Comparison 1

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  1. Create a matrix comparing five features of presentation software.Using these five features, compare two presentation programs.Include a brief reflection on how the programs meet or fail to meet your expectations.Choose a delivery format for your comparison:
    • Matrix created in a Microsoft® Office® program
    • Venn Diagram
    • Tips can be found at the Microsoft® Office® Support website: Create a Venn Diagram
    • 1-page summary

    Note 1: In past classes, some students asked what a matrix or a Venn Diagram is. Explanation:A matrix is just where you compare some things side by side in a table. In this case, the instructions are asking you to compare a couple of different presentation software (like Microsoft PowerPoint versus Prezi, for example). So, you could have PowerPoint and Prezi at the top, each one the top of its own column. Then have at least 5 rows down the side of the page, that you wanted to use to compare them, like price, colors, ease of use, whatever. Then write your findings in each cell or box.Here are some images of a matrix: example if you wanted to compare a few kinds of pets, you could build a matrix with dogs and cats at the top, and then compare them with things like size, loyalty, friendliness, etc. (This assignment is not about pets, that was just an example to help understand what a matrix is)The Venn diagram is another option. It is basically some circles that represent different things, and anything in common is typed where both circles overlap. Lots of examples can be found doing a Google search, here is a good image of a Venn Diagram: 2:– Presentation software that many students choose from to compare are Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, or a few others they research (Microsoft Word and Excel are not considered presentation software)- Comparisons can show similarities and differences. Some students put the key features and costs in a comparison tableMake sure to clearly state the 5 comparison criteria you picked and then use them to rate each product.Submit your assignment.

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