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Promotional Plan 1

the objective of this project is for students to develop a Promotional Plan for a soon-to-open, locally-owned restaurant named “Sam & Spike’s Diner,” that specializes in breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the feel and flair of a 1950’s Diner, including an outdoor eating area where customers can stay in their car and be served by a waitress on roller-skates. It will be conveniently located in Largo, near the corner of Ulmerton and 19. It is moderately priced, will serve alcohol, and will accept Visa & MasterCard.

Students will need to submit one deliverable for this final project, which will be a 12-16-page promotional plan. Students will need to define the objectives in detail, which include – at a minimum – creating awareness, enticing trial, and building traffic.

There is not a formal template to follow for this project, as students have “Creative Freedom” thus are expected to build their own outline as part of this learning exercise. Students should incorporate what has been learned in the course material, concepts from the text, and student research of other promotional plans. As a gauge, the budget for this “Grand Opening” promotional plan is $250,000. Students should consider the following tools when building the promotional plan: 1) Advertising, 2) Sales Promotion, 3) Events and Experiences, 4) PR, 5) Direct Marketing, 6) Interactive Marketing, 7) Word-of-Mouth, 8) Personal Selling. Remember, detail and caliber counts for grading!

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