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Reducing Saboteurs By Paying Attention To Common Daily Habits

Reducing Saboteurs by paying attention to Common daily habits

Write Journal paper that discuss how to Study of factors reducing the saboteurs based of of these factors(daily habits )

1.Attention to emotion (0-2, 4-6, 9-12) hr.

2.Daily Planer (No day, Half day, Full day)

3.Use of cellphone (0%↓, 50%↓, 80%↓) per day

4.Appreciation ( 0-2, 4-6, 8-10) times a day

  • Explain how each FACTOR effect the happiness
  • HOW Taguchi design of experiment was attempt multiple factors and discover which one of these factors that have the most effective in the individual’s happiness. YOU CAN FIND EXCEL ATTACHMENT OF L-9 FORMAT Taguchi design of experiment
  • Appreciation is the most affective factor based on the analysis.
  • There are three types of analysis :
    • Standard Analysis – Average of results:
    • Standard Deviation Analysis
    • Signal to noise Ratio (S/N)
  • Results are attached in powerpoint file

Grading based on

  1. Rational of doing this project and objectives,
  2. Methodology: What did you do to generate data and analysis
  3. Analysis,
  4. Conclusion

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