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Text Questions On Chapters 1 12 Of Frankenstein 1

answer the following questions based on the story

1. How is the story told and to whom is it told?

2. Why is the lightning-struck oak tree important to Victor Frankenstein? What does seeing it lead to?

3. Who is Robert Walton and what role does he play?

4. Explain the relationship between Victor and Elizabeth Lavenza.

5. Who is Henry Cleval and why is he important?

6. What happens to Victor’s family before he goes to Germany? Why is he going to Germany?

7. Why do you think Victor reacts the way he does to Professor Krempe?

8. What project does Victor begin while he is in Germany? How does it affect him physically?

9. How did Victor find the parts for his project?

10. Once Victor succeeds, what is his reaction to his creation?

11. Who is Justine and why is she important to the Frankensteins?

12. Henry and Victor decide to study different subjects than the ones they intended to—what do they choose?

13. How does Victor feel when his professor describes him as a star student to Henry? Why does Victor react the way he does?

14. Victor is called home immediately by his father. Why?

15. When Victor returns to Geneva, the town gates are locked. As he waits, what does he see?

16. When Victor sees his creation, what does he begin to realize about what could have happened to William?

17. Who has been accused of William’s murder?

18. How does Victor feel during the trial? What does he do? What happens to Justine?

19. Victor goes to the mountains. Who does he meet on the glacier and what do they talk about?

20. Who are the De Laceys and why are the important to the creature’s development?

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