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Watch Short Video Go Over Short Powerpoint And Chapter 4 Pages And Answer 3 Critical Thinking Questions Based On Readings N Video

What makes a hero

According to your text, situational variables are best suited for predicting behavior in specific situation, while personality traits are more relevant to patterns of behavior that persist across relationship partners, work settings, economic decisions, and other life situations. Interactionism holds that both the personality traits and the situation work together.

Consider personality trait theory, the person/ situation debate, and interactionism as you watch the video linked below (9:41 in length) and respond to the following questions. Please address all 3 questions and relate your answers to what you learned in this chapter. 10 points will be awarded for each fully developed answer to each of the questions below; 30 points total.

  1. Is it easier to think of personality traits or situational explanations for heroic behavior?
  2. Can you think of any personality trait explanations for why some people may be more likely to act heroically? What do you think are the situational influences on heroism?
  3. Do you think that someone who acts heroically in one situation would be more likely to act heroically in another situation than a person who does not? Why or why not?

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