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Assignment 1 Initial Queries

For the initial queries, I’d like you to consider the following queries:

First, like with the sheet you filled out in class, state your major/minor, and what you consider your home base/location (besides Philadelphia; if Philadelphia, what neighborhoods or areas of the city do you consider “home”?).

1. What is the photographic (or a photograph) to you? Do you differentiate between a photograph (shot on film & developed) and a digital photo (or picture)? If so, what is the difference for you? Do you value one over the other (analog vs digital)? Most significantly, what form of picture do you have the most interaction with now?

2. Do you remember the first time(s) you encountered or became aware of the photographic? Describe, as best you can, the circumstances. Was it through family, friends, school, other institutions or media? Are there particular photos, collections (book or online) of photos that still resonate or are important to you (or your family)? What or who are they? If these are accessible via the web, feel free to include links.

And consider whether the photographic impacts or has impacted — in a not insignificant manner — your social life, public or privately, either in general or in particular circumstances? Please be discrete, if warranted, but you are welcome to share whatever thoughts and memories you have.

If you can, create a list of about five (or more) photographers, photobooks, photo magazines, or iconic images/photos. These can include personal items, though you needn’t share these (a brief description suffices).

3. List all the ways (as many as you can think of) in which you are required to use/employ the photograph(ic) — that is, how many artifacts & documents require an image in your life?

Second, how do you — personally — use (or have used) the photographic? In what environment & contexts, including social media? What has shaped or impacted/influenced your use of photography?

4. Share any other expressive media, e.g. music, films, games, TV, literature, graphic novels/photographs or web-based/streaming platforms that substantially incorporate the photographic as theme and/or formally. Try for at least three items, but you are welcome to share as much as you like; we may incorporate some of this into our program for the summer session.

5. Finally, do you have any particular intellectual, historic, or creative interests in relation to our topic of “histories, concepts, uses of photography/the photographic?” Are their certain perspectives that particularly intrigue you, even if you have no prior knowledge or experience with them? List any or all.

If you have ideas or desires about creative projects to attempt over the semester (big or small), please share that here too.

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