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Designing A Learning Environment 1

When designing a classroom it is important to consider the specific needs of the children in your care. For this assignment identity two (2) specific special needs of learners which can be supported through an accommodation made to the learning environment. Create a classroom environment to support both special cases which would address the learning needs across all developmental domains through modifications. You can include an actual classroom layout if it is appropriate for your modification.

Use this Designing a Learning Environment template to complete the assignment.

  1. Identify the two (2) specific special needs (Physical Disability, Cognitive Delay, English Learner, Gifted Learner, etc.)
  2. Identify the intended age group
  3. Provide a clear summary of the type of modifications necessary to support learning across all the domains of development (Physical, Intellectual, Language, Social, and Emotional). Relate this to a specific classroom area or learning time for the ECE environment.
  4. If the child does not need a specific modification for one of the developmental domains, you will describe a developmentally appropriate activity and explain why an accommodation is not needed.


Special Need and Age: English Language Learner, Age 4

Classroom Area

Developmental Domain


Outdoor Play Time

Social — Providing a buddy helps the child interact with peers and enhance social interactions. Having a one on one buddy that is the same age allows the child to learn by observing without becoming overwhelmed by specific instruction or having to interact in large group settings.

Assign peer “buddy” to play with during outside time. Encourage the buddy to help the child explore the playground by modeling appropriate behaviors.

Art Center

Physical — Student will use fine motor skills to paint with small paint brush in the art center. Teacher will provide a range of color choices, paint brush sizes and types and paper selections. Using the different paint brushes and the paining motion will enhance fine mother development.

Not applicable — second language learner does not need a modification for physical development.

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