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Professional nursing organizations that am currently participating in and organizations that I might think about participating in for the future.

I started volunteering at a children’s home near my home when I have some free time. I help in serving and helping the children who need medical assistance or care and manage different conditions they are in.

When am done with my degree I would like to participate in the World Health Organization(WHO), in Red Cross and other Non-governmental organizations. I would like to help in disasters and communicable diseases. I will also consider working together with other health care professionals in my community and participate in helping the sick as a way of giving back to the community.

Nursing certifications that am considering

I am looking forward to earning a Certified Pediatric Nurse Credential (CPN). Applicants of this certificate must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree. To qualify for this certification, nurses also need 1800 pediatric clinical hours completed within the last two years or 3000 hours of pediatric experience in the past five years. Before approval, nurses must take a 3 hours’ exam which includes 175 multiple choice questions and an introductory session. Pediatric nursing refers to the medical care of neonates and children up to adolescent. Due to my determination in the field of nursing, I am excited about completing my bachelor degree and I will be able to practice in the pediatric field and later apply for certification of CPN. My love for practicing in the pediatric field has driven me to work so hard so that I may get the certification (Writers, 2019).

How considering continuing my education to pursue a graduate degree fits into my plan

I have a great passion for Nursing because it is a lifetime career. So, continuing my education is part of my plan. In fact, I am starting my Masters degree class this coming semester; which I am so happy about.


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    Erin Rossmanith

    9:32amDec 19 at 9:32amManage Discussion EntryOlubukola, Great job getting yourself involved in global and community health. I wish you the best in your certification. What are you pursing your master’s in ?Erin

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