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Write A Brief Report

Figure 1.1 (page 4) in your text lists the ten leading causes of death for 1900 and 2013. I have linked the table here for those of you who may not have received your textbook: mortality tablePreview the document More recent data is available on the Web. Locate the more recent national data and compare it to the 1900 and 2013 data. Then locate the data for your county of residence from your state health department. (If you cannot locate the county data just use your state data).
If you do not live in any of the states listed below, search the web for your state health department, it should have a link for mortality data by county.

NVSS – Mortality Data from the National Vital Statistics System (Links to an external site.)

Alabama Department of Public Health Statistics (Links to an external site.) (Click mortality, general)

Florida Major Causes of Death by County (Links to an external site.)…

This is a nice tool you can use for any state, make sure you click “all ages” and it will sort the causes: (Links to an external site.)

Write a brief report of your findings. Your report should contain the latest national data compared to your text and your county or state data compared to the national data.

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