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Your Job For This Assignment Is To Assess The Situation Utilizing Specific Tools

Assume your team has been hired by the Arts Festival Board of Directors. The board realizes the problem with Mark and the drug store is extremely serious and could be a symptom of bigger issues. You were hired because the Festival’s leadership cannot do this for themselves. What that means for you is that they are looking for you to assess the situation and identify problem areas. You do not need to include solutions or recommendations for this assignment, that will come in a later assignment.

Your report cannot exceed three pages (12 point font, double-spaced, not including appendices or references).

For this report you will complete the following tools:

  • PESTLE or PEST Analysis
  • Your choice of the 7S or STAR model
  • Cultural Web

Each of these tools can be detailed in a separate one-page appendix. (One page per tool, for a total of three pages).

Your report should be written from the perspective of a consultant hired to help your client organization be more effective in accomplishing its mission. Your report should be directed to the Board of Directors and provide an overview of the current situation, a synthesis of the analyses you performed, and illuminate critical issues that inhibit the desired performance. Most of this report should be your own thoughts and opinions. There are no definitive answers to this case or the analyses/tools used for the case. It is important that you put significant thought into the analyses you perform to get robust answers. It will be these answers that you use to support your identification of issues and ultimately the solutions you provide. There are video lectures for each tool available to assist you in how to think about each analysis.

Your report should be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It is strongly recommended that you run it through a proofreading application such as

The points for this assignment are allocated as follows:

30 points based on the peer reviews received from teammates

15 points for the organization and clarity of the writing

15 points for the correct completion and assessment of the analyses

15 points for the identification, prioritization, and support of issues

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