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Action Plan Sf003 1

i just need the action plan completed?

You will need to complete the attached MBA Action Plan for both SF003 & SF004 (2 separate Action Plans) for each learning objective you need to revise in each competency.

Feedback from professor

Learning Objective 3.2: Determine a company’s investment in accounts receivable.:


Determination of average sales per day is computed incorrectly. Determination of company’s investment in accounts receivable is inaccurate and/or incomplete.

Additional Comments: Use the correct input for average collection period in formula. Check math for Daily Sales., item 3.2 in the rubric on Investment in Accounts Receivable is incorrect. It is primarily caused by wrong input for Average Collection Period and math for (Annual Sales/365). Redo and check with tutor.

13 hours ago


mba_action_plan_2019_template_v2.0.docx- The action plan template

sf003_s_cobia.docx The original document that was incorrect, i copied the feedback from the professor

actionplansf003_s_c This is the corrected document

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