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Help With Ideas For A Teacher Assistant Program

I have been offered an opportunity to be a teacher assistant. In order for me to participate in this, I need to come up with some new ideas for the class. These are the requirements:

1) I want the primary contribution by the FNAN 341 TA to be the creation of resources (primarily problems, but they can be TF, multiple choice, short answer, mini cases, extensive worksheets, etc.) for students. I would like these new materials to achieve 2 distinct goals:

i) cover what problems from fall 2019 did, but in different ways (this is analogous to FNAN 303 problems that involve a similar concept such as the present value of a perpetuity, but ask a variety of questions such as computing the total value, cash flow amount, return, or growth)

ii) expand on the material covered in class, especially with qualitative problems that get at implications (for example, what does a certain ratio of figure imply for a firm or valuation approach).

My question is: what are some ideas that you have regarding the types of new materials that you think would benefit students. In other words, if asked you what should be added to the set of practice problems to enhance student learning, what types of things would you suggest. In short, if you were me, what would you ask the TA to create.

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