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I Need An Expert In Spss To Analyse Some Data I Only Needed The Data Analysis Part Nothing More

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I need an expert in spss to analyse some data. I only needed the data analysis part nothing more

Attached is the excel file with the data. If any more details are needed I will provide them


Basically I need to do an analysis about literature and data of an already published research.

Also my professor wanted me to (I don’t know what it’s called) changed the scales (?)

Like the data provided by the study is like:

yes : 1

no: 2

and he wanted us to change it to 1 & 0

I hope that makes sense


The work consists of an analysis of the scientific literature and a data analysis. From a survey of police officers, the student will choose a form of behavior to study. He will have to compare the subjects according to whether they have the chosen behavior according to a variety of characteristics. The interpretation of the data will have to be “supported” by the scientific literature.

I need to:


– Loves his job / job satisfaction

– Lives mental health challenges

– Alcohol consumption

– Physical health

– Suicidal thoughts

– Has committed domestic violence

– Has been a victim of domestic violence

2)Identify a primary independent variable (which will be the main focus of the literature review)


– Loves his job / job satisfaction

– Lives mental health challenges

– Alcohol consumption

– Was involved in a violent arrestatioon

– was involved in a shooting

– Saw a traumatic crime scene

– Was at a police funeral

– Has been the subject of an investigation

3)Identify several secondary independent variables

4)Identify a control variable


– Age or seniority

– Grade

– Genre

– Ethnic group

– Education

There should be two spreadsheet, one called “description” with the descriptives statistics and a second one called “bivariate analysis”.

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